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Pilgrimage to Max & Marianne Weber gravesite, Bergfriedhof Heidelberg, March 2014

My name is Matthias Revers (PhD SUNY-Albany) and I’m a Lecturer in Media and Communication at the University of Leeds. Before coming to Leeds I was a Postdoc at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Frankfurt. I’m a Faculty Fellow at the Center for Cultural Sociology at Yale University and a former Fulbright scholar.

My current research encompasses several studies on political polarization in contemporary democracies, including on the moral boundaries of speech (free speech/hate speech); the establishment, use, enforcement, breach, and battle against inclusive language (and political correctness); the mediated experience of political antagonism; and right-wing populist journalism. This research involves hermeneutic and computational methods of text analysis, survey experiments, and qualitative field research.

My earlier research deals with professional cultures of journalism and their role in increasingly networked public spheres, for which I conducted ethnographic research on political reporters in the US and Germany over a period of 3.5 years. Most of this research is included in my book Contemporary Journalism in the US and Germany (Palgrave Macmillan USA. Other works of mine have been published in Journal of Communication, Information, Communication & Society,  Media, Culture & Society, Journalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism, The American Sociologist.

My broader areas of interest are media sociology, cultural sociology, comparative media research, journalism studies, political communication, history of sociology, science studies, gender studies, and qualitative methodology.

Email: m.revers[at]leeds[dot]ac[dot]uk
University of Leeds